A Major initiative was taken by the Ministry of Rural Development in the direction of promoting rural products and building capacities of Swarozgaris during 1999-2000 when it participated in India International Trade Fair (IITF), 1999 under the banner of SARAS. It was organized, for the first time, with a view to give exposure to rural artisans/entrepreneurs/ officials dealing with SGSY, to a major national event in the state to develop markets for products manufactured by SHG/WSHGs of the State; and, to create awareness among metro cities and state capital consumers. SARAS was promoted as un umbrella brand for promoting all the rural products.

Since 2006 SARAS exhibitions have been a regular annual event and have been able to elicit wide participation by the beneficiaries of the programmes of the SGSYNRLM from all over the country. The participants bring an impressive range of rural products, which include handicrafts, textiles, artwork, furniture, items of daily use etc. The visitors show a lot of interest in these products and there is a huge direct sale of rural products every year. In addition to the direct sales, bulk orders for the products are also received during these exhibitions and the participants have been able to meet these orders to a large extent.

SARAS exhibitions have opened a new dimension in promotion of rural products and encouraged the participants and other stakeholders in the development of rural products/artisans. It is felt that SARAS has provided a platform not only for direct sales of rural markets, giving exposure to rural artisans/ entrepreneurs to various aspects of marketing, and developing linkages with various other markets. 

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