Convergence and Partnerships


NRLM will ensure that states agencies (SRLM) develop partnerships with major government programmes and build synergies to address different dimensions of poverty and deprivation. Focus would be on:

  • Entitlements – PDS, MGNREGS, social security, Right to Education.
  • Improving quality of life – health and nutrition, clean drinking water, sanitation, permanent housing, electricity etc.
  • Enhancing capabilities – elementary education, vocational, technical education, skills enhancement etc.
  • Creating livelihoods opportunities – institutional finance, agriculture, animal husbandry, watersheds, MSME development, food processing etc.
  • Physical infrastructure schemes – roads, electricity, telecommunications etc.

NRLM /SRLM would make efforts towards convergence with programmes of Ministries of Panchayati Raj, Human Resource Development, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Food Processing, Health & Family Welfare, Textiles, MSME (KVK), Women and Child Development, Financial Services, Tourism etc.

Partnerships: NRLM will partner with NGOs and CSOs, (within the ambit of the national framework for partnership with NGO and CSOs) who would share learning, expertise, costs and resources and take up implementation and sensitive support roles and tasks at various levels, run pilots, showcase models, train and build capacities, be resource groups and centres, provide linkages, generate, manage and disseminate knowledge, advocacy etc. Other stakeholders include Private Sector, Corporate Social Responsibility Units, Philanthropic Foundations/Trusts, Training Institutes/centres. Industry Associations would be involved for skill development and placement. Partnership with Academic, Training and Research Institutions would result in curriculum design, training pedagogy, develop faculty/trainer professionally. Partnering with research institutions/ centre of excellence for research/diagnosis tools and policy and strategic planning through field/action research, social observatories would result monitoring the trends and supportNRLM /SRLM to take decisions.

NRLM would work with RBI, NABARD, Banks and other financial institutions, insurance companies to bring Public-Public, Public-Private and Public-Private-Community Partnerships to build up key livelihoods sectors.

Panchayati Raj Institutions: NRLM will ensure that mutually beneficial working relationship and formal platforms for consultations, between Panchayats and institutions of the poor are put in place in a manner that PRIs are actively involved in various activities of NRLM but the autonomy of the institutions of poor is also preserved/ protected.